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January 13, 2016
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Big Late SK Dwarf Cherry


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Dwarf cherry SK

Big Late

The big Late cultivar is used to be eaten fresh and for processing. Its performance is average and its fruit is very high calibre: 6,5 gm. This cherry variety has a very pronounced cherry taste and its flavour is well balanced for fresh consumption. This fruit shrub is the latest cultivar. Its Brix rate at maturity is 19.

The sk dwarf cherry series produces magnificient fruit shubs of the morel cherry type, boasting qualities that make it deal for fruit production. It is a dwarf shrub that reaches 2 to 2.5 metres at maturity. It is extremely hardy (-40 Celsius) and produces a large, high quality fruit. Sweet, good-sized berries that are dark red at maturity. Abundant yield, fruit is well adapted to mechanical harvesting. The sk series is the result of a 50-years research project in canada.