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Gooseberry Jahns Prairie


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Jahns Prairie

The Jahns Prairie gooseberry produces delicious large, rounded, dark red berries. Mid-season variety that is very resistant to diseases, pest insects, and frost. Thorny variety. The berries make perfect desserts.

Height : 1.5 metres

Width : 1.5 metres

Rusticity zone : 3

Fruit description : Large, dark red berries

This shrub grows to 1.5 m high with medium green leaves. It is hardy, highly productive, and bears sweet acidulous, tasty berries that go from light green to pinkish-red in july. These can be eaten fresh or made into jellies. The plant prefers full sun or light shade in a zone 3 environment. The red variety is more acidulous than the white, and is therefore more likely to be used in recipes like jellies, jams, pastries, and syrups.